Come visit me again.

Come visit me again
Where the stars cascade like waterfalls off the milky way
Where the planets aline for the Sun’s approval
And the nights so beautiful they without resistance replace the day

Come visit me again
Where the kelidescope of colors not fitting for a rainbow
Collide In cosmic dreams and manifestations of trash polka
Where the sounds of majestic tunes of ebb and flow
Ring through the darkness a guidance of glow

So when you visit me again
Our hearts will know the universe had spoken
The majestic lights the cosmic tune will ring true
And the past, present and future will be as one
Because we will know nothing else matters but us.


Too quiet… I know right?

It’s been quiet on the “I’m just saying” world, even Harley Quinn, my alter ego has been on vacation.

In all honesty I been taking a break for myself and in doing so have met someone and he is beyond fantastic and everything I been looking for.

How we met? Mmmmmm now that’s the crazy part and wouldn’t you believe on FB. I belong to a group where I was obviously made Admin lol. Spogter!!! There he was, he liked everything I posted and every comment I made and eventually decided to send me a message and well it hasn’t stopped. We chatted non stop got to know each other through the technology highways and eventually met face to face where it was clear destiny played its hand and we fell in love.

We haven’t left each other’s sides and in four years was definitely the most beautiful Christmas I celebrated. The road to our life and adventure took another turn which can only be described as happily ever after and forever more… But that I can only divulge later

I love you Ragnar