To rent or not to rent? Landlord hell!


Tenants vs landlords…

It’s so funny how in the last couple blogs it’s been a bitch bitch moan moan story. Honestly I detest it and try keep away from the daily unfairness and total disregard for each other in a cruel world. Light and upbeat is what I prefer but I guess though as the story effected me then I have to write about it. Can’t always have sparkles and sun flowers even in my world.

So times are rough and buying houses are a lot harder then it used to be so rentals are a thriving business and a lot more home makers renting these days. All I can say is after the experience I had in the last 3 months wow I’m so glad my folks talked me into buying my own house which is in Joburg.

I’m in The Bay, it’s been 3 months, I know feels longer and the drama of dealing with landlords is beyond my comprehension and patience. I have completely lost my mind at the situation.

Yes I get that some tenants are a nightmare and the state they live in or leave a rental is shocking and just disgusting. However, or but, flip a thousand buts… How can every tenant be treated in a manner that is so… Trying to think of the perfect explanation here, I guess disappointed, victimized, sad, angry etc etc. I think you get the point.

I actually said to Ragnar tonight, I understand why it’s easier to be hard or bitter or just plain full of shit that at the drop of the hat you fly off the handle and everyone leaves you alone. It’s not a nice place to be, we all been there. Being nice and sweet and understanding grrrr is becoming a challenge each day.

We are quiet, no party’s, no pets, no kids, no anything that is fun, walking on egg shells is the way to go. We pay our rent on time, give or take a day. Lease says 25th and Lord help you if it falls on a Sunday and you only get paid the Monday 26th. Never mind the debit orders trying to come off because every debtor assumes you got paid. So if it’s not a couple hours delay in payment or your family come to visit, living 600km away to bring you your odds and ends for your new home that you need. You of course ask them to stay the night it’s good to see them and so grateful they brought your things. It just becomes an Issue. issues, issues, just issues the landlord brings to our attention which leaves us shocked and bewildered. Never mind the electric gate not working, hot water being lukewarm or the electricity keep tripping due to earth leakage. Like a deer trapped in headlights that’s what it feels like.

Is it not a place to call home for the duration of the lease? Do you not pay a rental fee to place your living possessions in a four walled place and try to make it your home. After a hard day’s work you want to be able to come home and relax and switch off from the day. We very much know it’s not our place, the fact that we can’t drill a hole in the wall or see the landlord everyday because there is always something to be checked on. That’s the other thing, lots of renovation going on with the other units around us. 7 days a week and it’s constant, isn’t that an invasion of peace and quietness. We have to be. So we know it’s not our home but we most certainly take care of it like it’s our home.

The previous landlord, which I already spoke about in previous blogs, the Cockroach infested place and wouldn’t even send someone to fix a blind. One day late in paying rent and you swear blind we trashed the place rock-star style, not a peace of crockery or cutlery left. Nope we actually left the place in a better condition then when we moved in. All because one day late in paying the rent, where admittedly I got confused with the dates, a lot was going on and really would have appreciated a friendly reminder. After the rudeness that followed even an apology would not have made me want to stay a moment longer. To this day she still hasn’t found a tenant, so. I admit I was glad to leave and found a quieter place which suited us perfectly. Mmmmm or so we thought, not even a month and every day another issue.

I’m just so fed up. Landlords always complaining about tenants but what about the other way around.

I wonder about the tenants who don’t pay rent and cannot be kicked out onto the streets or the tenants who trash the place leaving damage to such an extent it takes months to renovate.

I was a landlord once and it was terrible experience but it taught me a lesson on how not be a bad tenant.

I wonder why honest, hard working, good people get treated like they’re invading the home they have a right to be in because they pay and contractually can live there.

I know I really hate bitching, and to think this is now twice. Has society become so dishonest and untrustworthy everyone bares the brunt of it.

I wonder does my landlord come into my home while I’m at work, noseing about? Why is it OK for him to keep moving goal posts.

I will say one thing it’s not everywhere, which makes me wonder if it’s more of a small town thing and the unfriendly folk who reside in it.

Another day, another week, another month and the time keeps getting longer.

I’m just saying…lol


The lady doth protest… Oh indeed I do!!!

When the shit hits the fan the unexpected are considerate regarding your situation and the parties you thought would be understanding have proven not to be; and once again guide us down the road of trust. To trust or not to trust! Who to trust and who not to trust!

Recently I was left in a very unsettling situation, the company I had given all my time and hard work to, a year of giving of myself, and all I expected back was the security of having a job; especially in this day and age as well as a steady salary as we can never run away from responsibilities. I have no issues with this and am diligent when it comes to these things, let’s just say I always have and will always work my bum off as I know I have responsibilities.

To my shock and horror, and without going into too much detail, the company was flagged, salary not paid and by the second month I realised that I wasn’t going to get paid for another month, something that I just couldn’t have. Responsible mode kicked in to find a new job and I’m very grateful to have found one with a very reputable international global giant where my fears have been put to rest once again.

However this is not about the job that’s a glitch in our lives I guess we all have to go through and guess it pushes us in a direction of not taking things for granted. Trust me my dream of living on a deserted island, serving cocktails in my bikini all day long is still there in the back of my mind but money makes the world go round and in my world I need to live.

Moving on…

During this time I notified my debtors of my unfortunate situation and I must say their feedback and assistance was fantastic. Yes of course I got the one or two calls of threats and impending doom but after I casually and calmly explained my situation, a plan of action was put in place and all is well.

Now comes my disturbing WTF moment… This absolutely blows my mind. Houses and cars and assets we all agree belong to the banks until we are all paid up and when you work out what you owe its well into the millions but it’s workable and we pay our impending debt but it’s life and we have a home and a car and all is well.

Service providers of life and health insurance have to be the most inconsiderate persons I have come across. Even the good folk who insure my car gave me a grace period. But not the life and health.

Now think about this… Stress according to statistics is the number one killer right? A situation like mine presents itself and stress level goes out of wack, you can’t see a doctor to prescribe meds to keep your heart rate in check because you miss one payment and your policy is cancelled, trust me you can call and beg and plead they don’t care. Rather sell your soul to Satan himself because that’s what you in for when dealing with these callus self centered egotistical bottom feeders. I’m sure even bottom feeders have more integrity then this group. I have no name to call them or reference I can give because they’re lower then low.

So you have a heart attack because you can’t go to the doc, no money to pay cash either, hospitals won’t take you because you need to be pre-booked or given medical aid approval before they look at you. Ok government hospitals are there and I have no issues there as they are fantastic, probably better then the private hospitals, but the time you wait for a doc to see you or admit you is the issue.

It’s sad really but this is reality, so for all intents of purpose you get really ill and need more time off before you work again or you die. And if that’s the case of being ill well I think at that point death is a blessing… Again very very sad.

Then your life policy kicks in, they help with dreaded decease or should anything happen with work they’re supposed to take care of you. That’s laughable because I think out of everyone I got the worst service from them.

Then you got to think now this was two months of my life. Two months, that’s all;  but let’s rather penalise me and punish me for two months when for months and years have had the debit order go off with no hassle and no arguments….

Get my point…

I’m think I’m just fed up of making these service providers out there rich and let’s face it it’s all a pyramid scheme and have we not learnt from this?

Gosh I could go deeper and deeper into this, into my conspiracy theory on this topic but let’s leave this right here where it is.

Food for thought? Not unless they taking that out your mouth too…

I’m just saying


My love for moo moo

My love for the moo moo.

It’s no secret my love for cows, I even at one stage had kitchenware and gimmicks of cows, cows cows everywhere.  I think I even had a handbag once in animal cow print, synthetic of course never the real thing. Through the years my love has not subsided and yes its quite funny because while driving down a road, or like in Richards Bay, standing on the side of the road actually the whole of KZN has its abundance of cows, everything comes to a standstill as I notice this beautiful creature with its big brown eyes and long eyelashes.

Oh course no one gets it and I get the very odd look while driving and I shout out excited “oh look at that cow” or “Cow! Cow!” even while typing this is does seem strange. However, it’s true I love cows I do. 








So now comes the question if I love them so much why do I eat them? The thing is growing up in South Africa and eating meat is born and bred in us. Nothing like tucking into a juicy piece of rump steak, medium to rare of course. Yummy!!!

Lol I’m getting ahead of myself, so yes how can I eat an animal I absolutely love… Well I tried to go vegetarian but I got so sick with anemia and it didn’t help that I already had an iron deficiency but when the cravings began it was ravenous. I swear watching The Twilight Saga had no patch and I was ready to pounce and bite anything raw.  So I decided going vegetarian wasn’t the best idea and had to not think about the cow or the lamb or hear Mary Had A Little Lamb playing in my head over and over again.

I love animals even more then human beings; actually a lot more than humans. I can’t watch movies with animals because it’s inevitable an animal will die in the movie. The Lion King just killed animation for me and watched Madagascar etc with such anguish I cried instead of laughed through the movies.

There was even that movie Hatchi a dog’s tail where the dog waits each day at the train station for its master to arrive home. I remember I told my friend who begged me to watch if the dog dies there will be hell. Well not reliving it but if you seen it you know how it ends.

Even the Facebook posts on cruelty to animals, I can’t stomach those and saddens me to my core of dispair that I don’t sleep.

So the point is I love animals and If I could would have my very own pet cow in the backyard named tinker bell or bell or daisy or whatever. I’m back on the idea of eating a morsel of steak brings me to tears so do the vegetarian thing again much to Ragnar’s horror.

If I can do this for a short while then I think I’m giving of myself and showing my love for animals and the environment. It’s the right of way and course of nature I do not however condone the treatment of animals. Supply and demand supply snd demand it’s a necessity in our lives I understand that but to treat these living creatures in such an inhumane way…. Well that’s the part I struggle with the most. 

So yes as Ragnar says I have issues about this. I struggle myself but at least I’m aware of it and trying. 








So day 2 of going vege and will see how it goes.




Loving all my fury fluffy four legged creatures we share this world with




Now that’s a word that if put into practice could bring you absolute peace of mind and basically make you a much happier person. Carrying around anger can only make you bitter and if you are bitter then you attract negativity and a cloud of unhappiness.

It’s God’s will is it not? To forgive. Now I’m not saying forgive and forget because we are human and that would take incredible strength and self-discipline; to just walk away and block out the forgiving situation. I’m yet to meet someone who has that ability. Would it be a good ability though?

How cold spirited and detached from life would you have to be to just switch your emotions off and on like that… How do you not feel bitterness after being disappointed or hurt or angered?

Something to think about?

I believe it’s nearly impossible to do both. Forgive yes but to forget never. I think the forget is not blocking it out of your sub conscience but to learn from the issue and move forward. To try not live through the same situation, but then as I said we are human so having to learn a few times over is natural as long as we keep moving forward.

As for forgiving, well it’s damn hard and me, myself and I had to make a decision to make peace with a situation or harbour those emotions and be angry and defeated all the time. It was the most difficult and trying situation to have ever put myself through and I have been through some life whoppers, but I can tell you it definitely was for the better and by not giving that situation the power to control my thoughts and emotions I felt that I won that war.

I believe it’s not so much forgiving that person but forgiving yourself; for putting yourself in the situation that brought pain or anguish and to make a promise that you will work hard not to put yourself in the exact or similar situation again, that next time listen to that inner voice or those feelings of uncertainty and tell yourself it’s ok it was a mistake and it’s made you just a little stronger… Then again, as I mentioned before, we are only human; mistakes are a given and we will spend our lives experiencing them over and over again.

The trick I guess is to keep learning, accept the lesson and move on. Isn’t it true that God wouldn’t put us in a situation if we couldn’t handle it?

Be gentle to yourself, forgive yourself and keep moving forward.


If we could only steampunk our way through life

Imagine we could steampunk our way through life what an adventure we would have. My life is already an adventure but at steampunk to it and could be fantastic

So whats steampunk?

  1. a genre of science fiction that has a historical setting and typically features steam-powered machinery rather than advanced technology.
    “if you like steampunk, this is a great book for you”
    • a style of design and fashion that combines historical elements with anachronistic technological features inspired by science fiction.
      “the essence of steampunk is homage to vintage fashion with a modern, sassy twist”
                                 Thank you Google

    It’s the adventure of life just done in science fiction style.

    So I added some steampunk pics to get the idea of how much fun this can be.

    Tattoo idea…



Famous Quotes






Steampunk pets































A bit of History







Its fun and think you get the idea.

Here’s blogging my way to steampunk mystery and what the adventure will bring next!











Must be a duck right?

So it always amuses me at the level of extremities I have to go in order to make a point.

Now I’m not talking world domination or Pinkie and Brain stuff here, nope nope nope this is the simplicity of putting the point across of the fact… I’m not single and currently blissfully happy in my relationship of 4 months.

I mean I know I am, for goodness sake we living together and everyone who I talk to and close to know it because my WhatsApp profile pic is of us








Currently this one!

Point is everyone knows and come on we all know by now that if Facebook says you are then you are because everyone believes Facebook lol.

So if my Facebook status shows “in a relationship” and my profile pic is onc I again of us then well I must be.

Apparently not!

I don’t understand the idea of a person ok stalker to like every page or post. To send messages and emails and WhatsApp like they hoping and waiting it’s going to fall apart.

I actually could not believe I had to post on Facebook again notifying everyone I was in a relationship, it’s making me look rediculous because the obvious bio details clearly states it.

So my duck theory is if it walks like a duck and it quacks like a duck then it must be a duck?








So if my status reads in a relationship and my profile pictures shows both our smiling obviously in love faces and the big one notable factor is we relocated to the coast and living together like a couple do is because we are one!!!!

So I’m in a relationship right?

I just don’t get it.

My dear friend Thea in CPT said not even pictures will work not even crayons and coloring books… She suggested hitting the oblivious challenged person over the head in the hope of knocking sense into those who refuse to acknowledge the fact I’m in a relationship.  However,  with the current circumstances of how crazy life has become they will think it’s a gesture of love… How does the saying go “you hurt the one you love”.

It’s just funny and while I’m writing this shaking my head in astonishment.

So no ducks or stalkers were hurt while writing this peace and all is safe and sound.

Ragnar is extremely patient with it all but can see it’s wearing out and honestly can’t blame him.

So happily happy ever after and totally in love.








Be careful what you wish for…

There is a song Home by Daughtry and yes it’s an old song but lately in the last 3 months that song has been stuck in my head…

‘Be careful what you wish for,
‘Cause you just might get it all.
You just might get it all,
And then some you don’t want’

Well ain’t that the truth and we tend to take that for granted. We pray we ask the universe we do lots of little things and sometimes very subconsciously, and when we receive this gift we so taken back that we either don’t know what to do with it or we abandon it.

So you know received this abundance from God and you literally sit with it in the palm of your hands not knowing what to do with it, fear sets in and either lets the situation take control over you or you just ignore it.

Now if there is one thing I know for sure is that you never get given this wish unless you work for it. For example winning the lotto I mean come on that’s just pure luck and something I completely disagree with. Gambling your hard earnings is for me a very reckless way of trying to gain wealth and this kind of wealth is tangible, its fleeting and just how much happiness does it bring.

Wishing for wealth through employment is giving and receiving and in the end appreciated because you work hard to gain that wealth so thinking before spending and giving back becomes second nature because it humbles you on how you attained it.

Wishing for love… We have to agree sitting home and praying for a life partner is pushing the limits on achieving that goal. We’re not witches we can’t cast a spell and miraculously create a love of life. We have to put ourselves out there and meet people and maybe instead of asking to find love maybe ask to open your heart to work on yourself in allowing you to meet the right person and know whether their intentions with you are what’s right for you. That they will love you back and harmoniously share a life together of happiness.

My point is we can pray and ask for our situations to change or get better or we can just stop and look around and realize that we are where we supposed to be and appreciate what we have because you may just wish for something or someone and in the end it’s something you actually never wanted and now that you have it you have to decide what to do with it.

‘So I’m going home,
Back to the place where I belong,
And where your love has always been enough for me.
I’m not running from.
No, I think you got me all wrong.
I don’t regret this life I chose for me.
But these places and these faces are getting old’

Home is within your heart, within your soul and if there is no peace there, then how can you find it anywhere else.  So before you ask for anything be sure it’s not what you already have and ask why do you want it.

I’m just saying….