Advise to divorced parentals

I think this is the second time I’m posting about the issue I have with parents using kids to hurt each other. Get divorced and walk away but let it stay between the two of you just like when you decided to get married. Difference is there is a child added to the mix who wasn’t asked to be born and become part of the bitterness and hatred between the parents. Why should the child suffer? In the end parents you only hurting yourselves by involving your child and making it a part of the fight. They will grow up to be impossible and rebellious and they will resent you one day. A mother is a mother and a father a father, no matter the situation always remember to be that to a child you brought into the world. Not a product of your creation because you are too caught up in your own issues trying your utmost at destroying a person you once loved. It completely astounds me at just how actually cruel people are all to benefit their own egos. Grow up! Your kids have to and what example are you showing them.

Ode to a cow

This is a so true. Thank you my dear friend Shantelle Houston.

I drive 4 hours a day to work and back and the passing of cows along the way munching grass and just being cows  just makes it alot manageable and happier. 


Big City Life!

I never thought I would hear myself say it… I miss Joburg!

There I said it. The chaos, the madness, the hustle and the bustle. The thick layer of smog that hits you as you enter the city. Everything about it, and I of course, and true to form, had to realize it only because I moved away from it.

If you think you’re shaking your head join the club with my folks, my friends and most of all myself. For four years since moving back to Joburg from Cape Town, I have been moaning and groaning about how I hate Joburg and wished I’d never moved back and blah blah blah…

Well blah blah blah I miss it.

So last week I went to Joburg for work and to see my folks for Easter and let’s not forget my Chloé. Besides almost being in a head on collision, honestly don’t understand the nerve of drivers. We are all heading for a destination and by you taking chances you ain’t going to get there.

Anyway, after arriving I could could feel the energy of city people. Maybe because this one horse town living really makes you crave even Joburg which is fine because you made me appreciate the little things. Joburgers have a way about them, that madness and camaraderie spirit that shouts we’re in this together so may as well have fun doing it.

Even a visit to the butcher and the friendly faces of strangers, just a smile or a knowing look and even a thank you gesture while driving. As I have said over and over again it costs nothing to be decent and kind but again maybe my living location once again has shown me just how rude or just how decent your average crazy Joe can be.

Ah big city life… Try to get by! That’s the easy part because the people make it!

That other song… Take me back to the beach, where we were young and free… Yeah, no sure, but holiday only.

Thank you Joburg, once a city girl always a city girl and I love it!