Hi my name is Cindy and I’m a series addict.

Series overload.

The addiction to series is, well to say the least completely, overwhelming. Not the fact that I love series but the overwhelming feeling of loss and withdrawal when the current series ends and you left wondering how could you possibly recover and what series is next to fill the gap of wanting more from the one you watched… It’s crazy honestly.

However it’s an addiction that if I had the addictive personality, would rather have a series addiction then any other.

I think I have watched Homeland all the seasons up to date 4 or 5 times. Game of Thrones and Vikings I cant even count how many times. Lucifer, The Following, the list is endless. Recently gave Chicago fire a try and addicted to that and Gray’s Anatomy which I never thought I would ever watch, its just mental.

I also realised that I cannot watch an episode and wait a week to watch the next one, so I download all at once then have the challenge of pacing myself or I end up binge watching all night long… It’s honestly my Kryptonite.

Is it a bad thing? Well I don’t think it is unless you skipping work or responsibility to get your next episode fix or you spend your salary on data to download because you have no patience to wait for the next episode… lol sounds like it could get the better of you… I wonder if a person could get to that point? Do people like this really exist? Gamers seem more likely candidates.. Lol and how do you recover? Maybe open rehabs for series addicts where TVs are banned and any talk of series is prohibited. That’s just mental because drug rehabs keep a person occupied with TV so how do you keep the series addict occupied… With Drugs? lol

All jokes aside, any addiction is bad and of course it’s a serous situation having known people who got hooked and there with no return. I’m really just bantering here… Keeping life funny I Guess.

So yes I’m definitely guilty for advertising a series I love on FB to influence friends to watch it and get excited at hearing who is watching what and to find the next download. I don’t get people who hate watching TV so having a conversation with them is for me so futile, you just hope you find that common ground that doesn’t involve the box or big screen. You hoping that your little bit of everything else gets you through the interaction because while you get your time-limited basic info from the News on TV, they’re getting the actual story and more from newspapers and the Internet.

Then again you could just skip all that and let them talk about their job or other things that you just don’t know how to talk about, well you probably do but don’t throw that funny one liner in because they won’t get it.

Each to their own no judgement, but I have met a handful and honestly found it difficult to have a conversation. I could not quote a famous line or get excited over going to see a real cool movie in VIP. It’s just challenging to say the least so I end up just listening to them and adding a comment here and there so we can connect on some level.

Yes and I know we are referred to as couch potatoes or being lazy and yes have been told how boring it must be and yes reminded of how much of life I’m missing out on… Lol have you read my blog? I have had many adventures and more, I work all day and sleep at night and still make time for a series or two.

I do find the movie and series buffs seem to have more light-hearted look on life. I mean a Comedy can make you laugh and animation feel young at heart. That horror that gets your heart pumping or the thriller that keeps your mind guessing, it’s just a place to switch off from reality of what’s actually going on. It’s a place where you suspend your disbelief and live in that imaginative world that keeps you safe and happy inside.

Im just saying. No judgment at all… It’s just a funny way of looking at life.


Blonde again and why not? Just a blah blah blah

So blonde is my natural colour, ok in all honesty who can actually say natural blonde unless you’re living in the Caribbean. So technically natural blondes are actually mouse brown and darker from the day you put that first colour on… It’s downhill from there because it becomes an addiction.

So lucky me I can change from short hair to Bob to shoulder length but in truth I love the pixie, short, so much I never get to shoulder length and just cut it off.

What I find funny is and this always happens… For example my ex husband met me short pixie cut blonde hair and when we began dating constantly nagged me to darken it and grow it. He hated short hair and most of all blonde… But that’s how he met me…

So I tried but honestly was more effort then fun, we split up and the day we divorced I treated myself to a chop chop and felt like me again. Later that day we met for our ritual drink and and when he saw me said how fantastic I looked and back to the Cindy he met and fell in love with… Go figure… Lol

The divorce was amicable so yeah nothing weird about having that weekly drink with your ex. I can sense the absolute confusion anyone reading this would think…

Another day another story.

So after 4 years mourning his death I pretty much kept to myself watching series and keeping to myself. My hair was short and jet black which suited my mood to a tee.

Enter my BF, Ragnar, 8 months later and totally happy and low and behold the attempts to get me to grow my hair and keep it dark lasted exactly 8 months as on my Birthday I went back to blonde and cut it short.  Well it was a shock for him and everyone else but in the end loved by everyone which kind of surprised me.

I love it, it’s me and keeping everyone in anticipation as to what’s next…

My current dilemma is creating the perfect shade of silver shampoo to keep the blonde blonde and not accidentally leaving on for too long that tones of violet or lilac prominently show… Lol at least I’m not dull.

I’m just saying