How do you even fathom the evilness of a person sabotaging a love that may or may not have been or may have had a chance but would never know because of the selfishness of a person.  Creating enough drama to get everyone’s attention to make them feel sorry for him.  No he couldn’t just let her go knowing how happy she would be, he played on the broken bits of her subconsciousness and bits of her broken bitter heart because he wanted her and her happiness meant nothing what only mattered was his.

The realization that this even can happen has to be the worst betrayal and use of a heart that I just struggle to wrap my head around.  What has happened that people actually live their lives like this… I always believed in free will and to see someone being happy because how could you watch someone who is crying inside with a heart so broken and just watch them and be happy with how miserable and broken they are.

Self sacrifice is not controlling the heart of someone you want but to set them free.  Or am I the only one who believes in this…

She sits at night and licks her wounds free of this man who took the one chance of happiness away and yes she should be happy to be away from him but to realize she was a pawn in his game of chess which he was a master at.  Teaching her the moves on those nightly games around the chess board on the dining room table, only now every minute that she is away from him she sees how every chess move was another betrayal of her love and her heart to satisfy his selfish wants and needs.

Check mate you won!!!


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  1. Hi there i use WordPress pretty easy when you follow the steps to set it up. It’s alot of fun. Enjoy the process 😁

  2. I have to agree with you. Though reading a book i still get hooked on opening the book and smelling the pages lol…sounds nuts I know.

    Yes everything else is internet accessible so totally agree.

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