Happy Birthday C

Happy heavenly birthday Clinton Venske.

It’s been 5 years and today 16 October 2018, you would have been 43 years old.

Sounds old, doesn’t it?

I’m reminded of the many discussions where you said you would never see 40 years of age, and you never did.

I wish you could have hung on because turning 40 and the year after year after that is honestly the greatest. Your days would have still been heavy with your darkness, and I think you would have managed them so much better.

It really seems at 40 things become a little lighter and you kind-of-know where you are and where you’re going, which is all you could have wished for. Your last moments would have been laughter and your burdens carried with pride because you got through them and eased going into the next phase of life, your 40s.

I know you would have rocked this phase of your life, feeling self-assured and just not letting the little shitty irritations of life get to you. I can’t say over thinking stops but it definitely becomes less. You would be laughing more and those dark songs would have been moments from past memories rather than who you actually were.

So, I wish you a happy birthday. Tequila shots all around. Definitely not nursing that hangover like you used to because getting older may make you wiser but definitely weakens your constitution to handle alcohol consumption.

Cheers to you C, you are greatly missed! I’m still saddened your demons won. I’m blessed to have all those good memories to remember especially getting me through those challenging days.

You are always remembered and never forgotten on your birthday.


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